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  • POKOK DONUT PEACH HYBRIDSiapa pernah makan buah doughnut peaches? Sgt lazat dan berbau wangi bila dimakan segar.Kami ada membekalkan benih pokok doughnut peach untuk peminat2 peaches. Boleh ditanam di tanam pasu dan boleh hidup subur dengan iklim Malaysia.Berminat?


Donut peaches are distinguished by their shape, which is roughly rounded and squat with a dimpled center at the fruit’s stem end. The fruit’s skin has a velvety finish and is flushed with tones of ivory, rose and rouge. Within the fruit’s core is its non-clinging, easy to remove pit. Its creamy, juicy-when-ripe flesh is low-acid with a candy-like sweetness and a melting quality. The sweetness is due to what is referred to as the honey gene, a dominant gene that is found in all Chinese peach varieties.


Donut peaches are available in the late spring through summer.

Current Facts

Donut peaches are a species of the genus, Prunus, and classified as a stone fruit alongside plums, apricots, cherries and almonds. There are two types of peaches: yellow-fleshed and white fleshed. The name ‘Donut’ is a trademarked name designated to a white peach variety that is of the same lineage as other flattened “doughnut” type varieties that possess essentially identical inherent physical and flavor attributes. Other common names include Chinese peach, Jupiter peach, Saturn peach, Sweetcap and Saucer peach.


Donut peaches are suitable to be used in any recipe calling for peaches, though they will lack that typical sweet tart essence of yellow-fleshed peaches. They are best for eating fresh out of hand, yet they can also be poached, grilled, made into a compote, syrup, jelly and infused into drinks or added to dessert recipes such as cakes, pies and ice cream. Donut peaches pair well with other stone fruit such as apricots, cherries and almonds, citrus, berries, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cream, custards, herbs such as basil, cilantro and arugula, hazelnut and pistachio nuts and oil, aged cheeses such as parmesan and mild cheeses such as ricotta and burrata, sausages, pork belly and grilled fish.


Donut peaches are descendants of flat peach varieties that are native to China. The original flat peach variety was named peento (translation: flat peach). Documentation of peaches was first recorded in Chinese writings during 1100 B.C. Silk Road trade routes carried peach varieties to the Western world where botanists gave peaches their botanical name, Prunus Persica. Flat peach varieties remained a novelty in the New World until the 20th century. Peach trees are deciduous, which refers to the trees’ flowers, fruit and leaves falling off the tree at maturity. Thus, there growing regions are regulated by the seasons. Only in spring and summer will fruit become ripe. Peaches need rainy winters and hot dry summers. Oceanic climates are not suitable growing regions for peach trees.

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